Article 1 – These general conditions of reservation are reserved to
exclusive use of the booking of a stay in one of the
domaine Le Mas Le Corbery et de la Cocalière. In no case the company
SCI MUNIET-FORGET cannot be held liable in the event of
use of these contracts by third parties or for purposes other than
tourism. For the rest of these general booking conditions, the
SCI MUNIET-FORGET is the owner.

Article 2 – Length of stay: These general conditions are
for a fixed term. The tenant may not, in any
circumstances, avail themselves of any right to maintenance in the premises
at the end of the stay.

Article 3 – Conclusion of the contract: The reservation becomes effective from
when the tenant has sent the landlord a 30% deposit
the total amount of the lease and a copy of the contract signed before the
date indicated on the front. A second copy must be kept by the
The lease concluded between the parties to this Act may in no case
benefit, even partially, to third parties, natural persons or
unless the owner agrees in writing.
Any infringement of this last paragraph would be likely to
immediate termination of the tenancy to the tenant’s wrongs, the proceeds of the
rent remaining definitively acquired to the owner.

Article 4 – Cancellation by the tenant: Any cancellation must be notified
by mail to the owner.
1. cancellation before arrival in the premises: the deposit remains in
owner. He may request the balance of the amount of the stay, if
cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the expected date of entry into
the places.

If the tenant does not come forward within 24 hours of the date
of arrival indicated on the contract, this contract becomes null and void and the
owner can dispose of his cottage. The deposit also remains acquired at the
owner who will request payment of the balance of the rental.
2. if the stay is shortened, the rental price remains to the owner. It does not
shall not be reimbursed.

Article 5 – Cancellation by the owner: the owner pays the
all amounts paid, as well as at least one compensation
equal to that which the tenant would have borne if the cancellation were
on that date.

Article 6 – Arrival: The tenant must arrive on the specified day and time
mentioned in this contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the
Tenant must inform the landlord.

Article 7 – Payment of the balance of the price of the stay: The balance of the
rental is paid at the latest at the entrance to the premises.

Article 8 – Inventory: An inventory shall be drawn up jointly and signed by
the tenant and the owner or his representative upon the arrival and departure of the
This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning
the state of play.
The state